Local Carbon Offsets

We're not in the business of selling indulgences, but we understand that reducing your carbon footprint takes time. For suggestions on simple ways to reduce your individual footprint check out the 10 Green Commandments.  Earth Church offsets offers a unique opportunity for individuals and businesses to offset carbon usage by funding local projects that mitigate climate change, reduce carbon dioxide emissions, and improve our watershed.  



If you live in the United States, your carbon footprint (that is, the amount of carbon dioxide emitted due to your consumption of fossil fuels) is nearly double the global average per capita.  A recent study showed that even if you live completely off the grid, your share of the carbon footprint of the United States would still be 8.5 tons annually.  Offsets allow you to fund local projects that capture carbon or reduce emissions while you work to reduce your footprint.   



Total number of employees commuting, number of business flights per year, office emissions, amount of paper used, shipping and receiving, and annual events factor into the carbon footprint of your business.  For small businesses with 20 employees or less, you can pay a set rate to offset your carbon usage based on averages for businesses of your size.  For larger businesses, please contact info@earthchurch.us for a more detailed calculation of your carbon footprint.


A Breakdown of a Typical Footprint

Sources of CO2 emissions for the average individual