In Kentucky, where coal is king, our per capita carbon emission average is 31.6 metric tons carbon dioxide per person, which is equivalent to filling 72 million balloons with CO2.  Nationally, that puts us firmly in 7th place, just ahead of Indiana and behind Wyoming, North Dakota, West Virginia, Alaska, Louisiana and Montana.  On the other end of the spectrum, New York, California, and D.C. have the lowest carbon emissions per person at 8.6, 9.2, and 4.5 respectively, thanks to densely populated cities and readily available mass transit. The good news:  between 2000 and 2014, Kentuckians reduced our per capita emissions by 4.4% and seem to be plodding towards a greener energy future.  The question is, will we be able to curb sprawl, build mass transit systems in our cities, protect and expand our green spaces, and reduce energy consumption quickly enough to make a difference?  (Data source:  http://www.eia.gov/environment/emissions/state/analysis/)

One way to effectively offset individual carbon emissions is by replacing incandescent bulbs with long-lasting, energy efficient LED bulbs.  That alone reduces a household’s carbon footprint by 6 TONS with the added benefit of lowering energy bills by $27 per year for every 4 bulbs installed.  The downside for many is an initial cost up to 8x higher than incandescents and 4x higher than mercury containing CFL bulbs.  Removing the financial roadblock was one reason we developed Earth Church Offsets, a program offering individuals and businesses an opportunity to offset all or a portion of their carbon emissions, based on EPA averages, to fund local energy efficiency projects.  Greenlight Louisville uses funds raised through selling carbon offsets and local grants to install LED lightbulbs in homes and businesses.  In the future, we hope to build local and regional partnerships to allow us to expand the project to provide solar panels, compost bins, trees, garden beds and bicycles to low-income families in Kentucky and Indiana.   

If your organization would like to be a beneficiary of our offset program, please contact Valerie at info@earthchurch.us

Greenlight Louisville 

Earth Church will offer individuals and residents the opportunity to have all incandescent bulbs replaced with energy efficient LEDs.  Based on Greenlight New Orleans, we plan to help 2,020 homes become more energy efficient by 2020.  

Solar Over Louisville

Solar Over Louisville is a campaign that is designed to educate the community about the benefits and cost savings potential of solar energy and to increase the solar capacity in Louisville.  For more information contact Wallace McMullen at mcmulw@gmail.com.